My wife and I Just purchased the first 2014 and the second ever sold Toyota Plug-In Prius in New Mexico. This was also a First ever Toyota Hybrid Plug-In Prius for the city of Albuquerque to be sold. Imagine that, a mechanic and repair shop owner was the first to buy one. We special ordered it a year in advance. the wait was almost long enough to make us give up, but we both agree it was worth it. It is a Hybrid but it is also an electric car!

With 350 miles on the "new" car the fuel gauge just dropped below 3/4 full, it will get above 95 MPG average. We are limited to only 11 miles in full electric mode up to 62 miles per hour. The engine runs for heater function but electric vehicle mode is available for most of our in town commuting. Plug it in every night and 11 more, inexpensive miles are available.

I have not calculated the exact electrical consumption cost but I expect it to be about .35 cents for 11 electric car miles. Not bad! This was not purchased to save money, it actually cost more than a basic Prius. The purchase was more to do our little part to help save the planet by reducing our use of fossil fuels. It is a positive note not to go to the gas station as often. Unlike the Volt we are limited to 11 miles of electric travel but it is great while it lasts. I expect that range will change in the near future as battery packs get smaller and lighter, and they will. The thought of not visiting a gas station has intrigued me since I was a teenager. Today it is a reality with Plug-In Hybrids and electric cars on the market. We have "many" battery operated electric cars in our repair shops clientele, as we are the only advertising repair shop for Hybrids or electrics. I enjoy the clean, greener work.

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