Meetings have returned to evenings and at Nativo Lodge and are open to anyone in the automotive industry. If you have not sent an RSVP and plan on attending I need numbers by this Friday before 10am.

Next Meeting:

Nativo Lodge Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at 6:30 pm RSVP is required for food count.

The Nativo Lodge is located just off the I25 east side frontage road at SanMateo where San Mateo becomes Osuna road and goes under I25.

$20 per person gets you in with good food a nice meeting room and a chance to talk to friends.

Click this link to RSVP [email protected] Numbers have to be in by in by Friday 1/10/2014 10am for a food count.

Meeting agenda: “OSHA and your shop”

“OSHA” a word that most of us don’t ever want to hear someone use in a complete sentence like; “I am here from OSHA”.

Most recent discussions around the need for car lift “certifications required by OSHA” have raised the debate, is this True or False? The internet has been little help answering this question for those of use that are curious or concerned.

I attended a 10 hr OSHA regulations course and am now able to answer these questions and many more. We will be covering the issue about car and light truck lift inspections, shop equipment inspections etc. in depth at this next meeting. Wouldn’t you rather be pro-active than reactive? What inspections are required annually? What are your responsibilities as a shop owner? Come to the meeting and find out. This will more than likely be a 2 part topic.

Consumer Advisory Board: Discussion – 12 members on the board are invited and are made up of Automotive industry professionals from ASA, NAPA BDG and beyond.

20 Group formation, with emphasis on marketing ideas and business foundation.

Hope to see you at the meeting!

Jim Maddox

ASA CNM President



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