Jim Maddox - Owner Jim's Automotive

Jim Maddox is the owner of Jim's Automotive. He is a repeat recipient of the ASE NAPA Mechanic of the Year award. And Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.  And he is an ACDC certified technician.  Jim has been a mechanic for 50 years and he's owned his shop 44 years. He is inspired by problem solving and the proverbial "puzzle". Jim's favorite thing about running a shop is the challenge of fixing cars that no one else could fix.

Jim is also an award winning sourdough bread baker. And has recently been skydiving and woodworking and enjoying time outside.

Jim Maddox - Owner Jim's Automotive


Chad Barney has been a mechanic for 15+ Years. He was inspired by his dad, who was an ASE Master Technician who rebuilt engines. Growing up he saw what working with your hands could do to help make people happy and get their vehicles running again.

Chad started at Jim's Automotive in 2017. His favorite thing about being a mechanic is taking something that is broken and making it run again. He also enjoys sharing his automotive knowledge with others. He is certified in tire knowledge and repair and hold certifications in service advisory. He frequently attends trainings including shop management and operations.

He enjoys outdoor activities, dirt bike riding and cooking.


Jim Maddox - Owner Jim's Automotive


Ted Schreier has been a parts specialist for the better part of 35 years. "I was born and bread a 'gear head' and found a good place in parts after my time in the Airforce."

Ted has been at Jim's Automotive for nearly 3 years. He enjoys digging through the catalogs and learning the new technologies. He is an ASE Certified Parts Specialist and a Master Naturalist with Bernalillo County.

In his spare time Ted likes growing vegetables, helping in the community with food and hunger issues and road racing.


Jim Maddox - Owner Jim's Automotive


Dale Simms has been a mechanic for 45+ years. He was inspired by his father to become a mechanic. He has been working at Jim's Automotive for 32 years. "I like the variety of work that comes with being a mechanic, no two days are alike."

Dan was a national participant in the Plymouth Troubleshooting Contest. In his free time he likes to do cabinet making and woodcarving.



Jim Maddox - Owner Jim's Automotive


Henry Crokett has been a mechanic for 41 years. He fell in love with the E Type Jaguar and it inspired him to become a mechanic. He's been working at Jim's Automotive for 26 years. "One of my favorite things about being a mechanic is that it gives me the knowledge and ability to work on my own cars."

Some of Henry's other interests include his Akitas, leatherworking and cooking.




Jim Maddox - Owner Jim's Automotive


Wilbert Seciwia has been a professional mechanic for 5 years. "Being raised on a reservation in New Mexico, I felt I couldn't fix alcoholism, religion or social problems, but I could fix cars. My father always told me 'find something you like to do and figure out a way to get paid for it and you will always be happy."

Wilbert has been at Jim's Automotive for 5 years. His favorite part of being a mechanic is being able to work with his hands. He graduated with honors from CNM with an Associates in Automotive Technologies.

In his spare time he likes to go hiking, running and going to the movies.


Jim Maddox - Owner Jim's Automotive


Ernesto Garley has been a mechanic's apprentice and lube technician for the past three years. "My dad works in a body shop as an Estimator, so I've enjoyed being able to relate with him about cars."

Ernesto has been working at Jim's Automotive for the past 3 years. His favorite thing about working in a shop is the good feeling of knowing where to look to fix a problem and being able to work on his own vehicle. "I've enjoyed learning how to properly identify and diagnose problems correctly and efficiently - making customers happy!"


Jim Maddox - Owner Jim's Automotive


Ronald Pinto has been a mechanic for 45 years. Having his own vehicle and being able to repair it was his first inspiration that got him into becoming a technician. "My favorite thing about being a mechanic is fixing something that's broken."

In his spare time Ronald likes auto racing and restoring old Chevy Pick-Ups.




Jim Maddox - Owner Jim's Automotive


Carbon has been Jim's Automotive official shop cat for 6 months. She requires contstant attention (and rubs) from her co-workers and customers. She has plenty of toys to "work on" and an official box she calls home.

Carbon has a Master's Degree in adorable and will play with anything that moves or is fuzzy.  


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